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save yourself $$$ and add value to your car by touching up the paintwork

 To get your paint scratch kit fast you will need to select a paint scratch kit first from our product range then enter your color number and all other vehicle details followed by personal and shipping information pages. I cant find my paint code click here.  Still cannot find your paint code click here

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                 Satin Pearl Tri-Coat Color Paint  

Need To Know Tri- Coat Information

Tri-Coat colors are special colors that need wo bottles of color to get the right shade of color. Usually the ground coat gives the coverage and then the 2nd stage color decorates the paint finish before the clear seals and shines it. The 2nd stage decorative coat can be used without the ground color but will be limited to light to moderater scratching where the color ground coat is still in place. See Tri-Coat Pro Kits Also see Tri-coat Masters Kits

How do i find out if i have a Tri-Coat. 

1) Either contact us directly on 0416168746 with a text color request message 

2) email asking for a color request to

usually most makes and models have white pearl tri colors on selected cars. The most common is the white satin colors that are white that look like a metallic finish containg glitter. More than likely if your vehicle is a more so luxury car and it is white and looks like a metallic then it probable is a Tri-Coat satin color. Other standard colors like blues, silver, red, blacks and so on are usually just a normal color metallic and non metallic.

How To Get The Right Paint Scratch Kit For Tri Color  -  Satin Pearl - Metallic - Solid paint work

The satin pearl paints come in both paint pen set or brush in cap paint bottle kits. If your car is a special colour like white satin pearl paint you will need two bottles to get the right color. For satin white paint scratch kits you will need to apply the paints in two layers one after  the other to get the right colour, one cannot be used without the other and if done in the one layer will come out the wrong colour. So the best option is to purchase Btkw37 total paint maintenance scratch repair kit and then go to the make your own touch up bottle kit section and purchase  Btw 2. The only other kits listed that are for 3 layer pearl coat paints are Btkw 29, Btkw 30Btkw 31, Btkw 32Btkw 33 in our products menu items under the  pre packed DIY touch up bottle kits section or at the site map.

Please See How The Paint Layers Are Layered On Standard Painted Vehicles 

Your cars paint is made of many layers and when performing a color touch paint scratch up repair you should fix each layer with the paint material it was layered in from the factory to get a good camouflage paint scratch repair.

Metallic Paint  Metal Panel  you will need  *Metal Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Metallic Paint Plastic Panel  you will need  *Plastic Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Satin Pearl Tri Coat Metal Panel  you will need  *Stop Rust  *Metal Primer. *1st stage Base Coat . *2nd stage Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Satin Pearl Tri Coat Plastic Panel  you will need  *Plastic Primer. *1st stage Base Coat . *2nd stage Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Non Metallic Paint Color Metal Panel  you will need *Metal Primer. *Top Coat Color

Non Metallic Paint Color Plastic Panel  You will need *Plastic Primer. *Top Coat Color

Non Metallic Paint Metal Panel With (COB) Clear Over Solid Paint Color  You will need *Metal Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Non Metallic Paint Plastic Panel With (COB) Clear Over Solid Paint Color  You will need *Plastic Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear


please read the information above to help you determine what will be the best tri-coat kit for you. Remember these items listed here are only the paint color builds and when considering what kit to purchase as more so than not a cleaning and blemish removing agent will be required for better repair finishes. You may also need a stop rust or rust converter . 

Xirallic Factory Exact Match Tri Coat Satin Pearl Paint Color  For Paint Scratches

Xirallic Satin pearl colours are used on luxury vehicles these days and are common on cars like BMW, Toyota Land Cruisers, Audi, Subaru and a few more. White satin pearl Xirallic paint coat has to be applied in two layers to be able to get the correct colour.  A typical paint build for paint scratches and other paint faults are as follows. Primer (metal or plastic) - 1st  colour solid coat ground base coat  - 2nd colour Xirallic top coat pearl color Base coat - Gloss top coat clear. You may need other products like kill rust and cleaning products to complete successful touch up paint repairs. Blemish removerTop coat polish, or prep-it, clean up kit and a accessories kit.

Pearl Color Single Layer For Paint Scratches

A great number of car manufacturers paint there cars in this type of pearl paint. This type of paint is commonly used because of the visual effects and the affordability in todays vehicle markets. This Type of pearl color paint only needs to be applied in a single layer unlike xirallic which is a two layer process. A typical layer for a single layer pearl color goes as follows. Primer (metal or plastic) - Top coat pearl color and gloss clear. Do not forget you need other items as listed above in the tri-coat color.

Metallic Paint Single Layer Color  For Paint Scratches

metallic paint is another popular type of paint and again with is affordability making it quite common. This Metallic paint also is applied in the one coat for color. Its application is the same as the single layer pearl paint color coat. 

Solid Paint Single Layer Color For Paint Scratches

Solid Paint is another type of paint which is layered the same as a metallic or pearl single layer that only needs one layer of color. A typical paint build up for a solid paint color is primer (metal or plastic) Solid color paint. Solid Paint is not a metallic. It has not got aluminium or micro aluminium in it there fore does not need any extra paint layers like gloss clear. You will still need other products like the ones mentioned here above under tri color Xirallic to be able to get a great result when doing touch up paint scratch repairs.  

How To Tell The Difference Between The Paint Types

Xirallic 2 layer tri-coat - this color usually is a white color on standard cars and is very common , there are different 3 layer pearl tri coat colors about but white seems to be the star of the 3layer pearls. looking at the paint in the sun it looks like a pearl out of an oyster. This type of paint must have gloss top coat clear on it to protect the color.

Pearl single layer looks glittery in the sun and with most pearl single layer when looking at the paint in the sun and various lights the color has a secondary shade flop color. This type of paint must have gloss top coat clear over it to protect the color.

Metallic paint usually just look glittery in the sun with no shade drop values. This paint needs gloss top coat clear to seal and protect the color coat. This type of paint mast have top coat clear gloss over it to protect the metallic paint.

Solid paint has no metallic and looks like a flat color looking at it in the sun. This type of paint does not need clear top coat gloss. This type of paint can also be bought as a clear over base system like a metallic but with a solid color base coat paint.

Please Read Below How To Get Get Your Paint Scratch Kit Quickly

To be able to make a purchase you must select a paint scratch repair kit first, then purchase the kit,  then enter your paint  color code, shipping details, personal details and payment options. If you do not know your paint colour simply call the nearest new parts dealership and ask for the parts division, once there you will be asked for your vehicles VIN number, then they will be able to give you the paint code colour number for your car, the VIN is  written on your registration paper.  After Obtaining Your Color Code Then Select Paint Scratch Repair Kit First , buy the kit then enter color code and follow the prompts.


Click On Any Make To See where The Paint Code Location Is On Your Car

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