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CODE (Color Paint - $28.60 - btw2 ) - Color - Touch Up Paint -


Oem original factory paint color. After buying this product you will be given the opportunity to enter your vehicle details for example year make model and all other relevant information etc. Please read all the information below as it may assist you in selecting the correct products for your touch up paint repairs

check your color is not Tri-Coat color before buying this kit


 Information About Automotive Touch Up Paint Color Paint Bottles  

About This Touch Up Color Paint Scratch Repair Custom filled Paint Bottle

Paint color touch up bottle is custom filled with solid, metallic & pearl colour paint. We carry factory oem formulas, colors and paints so your paint color should be an exact match. Use our easy to use step by step instuction manual for our total touch up paint maintenance paint scratch kit Brush Touch Proffessional which includes one paint color to get quality tradesman repairs. click here to see more on this paint kit. This brush in cap paint color bottle comes in a handy easy to use conveinient any time ready to use paint applicator. It is Taditionally used to cover discoloured paint scratches and paint defects caused by impact of a object. This Paint color bottle should be used to repair only the color coat layer in the paint on your car.  Click to see pre-packed bottle paint kits . For special pearl paint colors Like white satin pearl Click here to see available pre packed satin pearl paint kits  



 See How Paint Layers Are Stacked On A Metal Or Plastic Panel From Factory  

Please See How The Paint Layers Are Layered On Standard Painted Vehicles 

Your cars paint is made of many layers and when performing a color touch paint scratch up repair you should fix each layer with the paint material it was layered in from the factory to get a good camouflage paint scratch repair.

Metallic Paint  Metal Panel. you will need *Metal Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Metallic Paint Plastic Panel. you will need *Plastic Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Satin Pearl Tri Coat Metal Panel. you will need *Metal Primer. *1st stage Base Coat . *2nd stage Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Satin Pearl Tri Coat Plastic Panel. you will need *Plastic Primer. *1st stage Base Coat . *2nd stage Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Solid Paint Color Metal Panel. you will need *Metal Primer. *Top Coat Color

Solid Paint Color Plastic Panel. You will need *Plastic Primer. *Top Coat Color

Solid Paint Metal Panel With (COB) Clear Over Solid Paint Color. You will need *Metal Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear

Solid Paint Plastic Panel With (COB) Clear Over Solid Paint Color. You will need *Plastic Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear


 Instructions On How To Use The Color Paint Scratch Custom Filled Brush In Cap Paint Bottle

Color Paint Scratch Brush In Cap Bottle Instructions

 Procedure: Shake colour contents well. Remove cap and squeegee brush, then check the colour is correct. Apply colour only to the discoloured areas of damaged paint. allow 3 minutes drying time in between coats. For 2 layer pearl coats, solid color goes on first then metallic or pearl color on top. Click to see what is the best paint scratch. To see more on tri-color peal paint coats click here 



  Color Paint Pen - Color Number Code Location Guide

Click On Any Make To See where The Paint Code Location Is On Your Car

Alfa Romeo  Audi  Bmw  Chrysler  Citreon  Daewoo  Daihatsu  Ferrari  Fiat/Lancia  Ford  Holden  Honda  Hyundai  Jeep  Jaguar  Kia  

Lamborghini  Land Rover  Lexus  Mazda  Mercedes-Benz  Nissan  Peugeot Porsche  Rolls-Royce  Saab  Subaru  Suzuki  Toyota  Volvo 


SOLVENT A product that removes impact residue. (What ever hit your car left a paint smear or mark on your car).
BLEMISH A product with a fine grade 2 cutting agent that let's you polish out light scratches and clean up impact areas including impact fragments and light impact residue.
RUSTED A product that is applied to rusted areas on metal panels to stop the progression of rust.
PRIMER A product that allows top coat paint colour to stick to metal panels, it also acts as a filler to give better paint level in a repair.
PLASTIC A primer that allows top coat paint colour to stick to plastic panels and items.
CLEAR A product that repairs scratches in clear coats on metallic paint. Also repairs scratches on solid paint finishes if the scratch is not down to the primer or metal.
COLOUR A product that gives the final top coat on a touchup repair usually the colour of your car.
PREP IT A cleaning product that removes wax and grease allowing a repair area to be ready for a touchup.
POLISH A Product to seal, luster and protect your repair and paint work.

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