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save yourself $$$ and add value to your car by touching up the paintwork

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                How To Touch Up Paint DIY Paint Repair Kits

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Here are proper professional D.I.Y touch up paint repair Bottle Kits And Paint Pen Kits kits in Sydney Australia that will camouflage scratches ,stone chips and blemishes on paint works of anything that is painted ,but essentially for cars. Well people generally think , I got a scratch i'll buy a bottle of touchuppaint or spray paint (Bad Choice). Unless your a painter tradesman I do not recommend spray can application because it is quite easy to make a simple scratch or chip look worse, if you dont know how the layers and formulas for touching up paint go . here in our repair facility i have seen people make a real mess using a spray can . i'll explain a little for scratches, first you need to sand the scratch feathering the scratch, Then you need to mask the panel up (a proper mask job) masking all the parts and not hard masking directly around the scratched area . if you hard mask you will see the edge and the paint repair will look shonky. Then wax and grease remover needs to be applied before primer after priming a sand with 600 wet and dry . Wax and grease again. Then color applied, 3 to 4 coats on solid colors and 2 to 3 coats for metallic paint followed by 3 to 4 coats of top coat clear. after paint application to achieve a top shinny finish the top coat needs to be sanded with 1200 wet and dry and then machine polished to a high shine. (WHAT A HELL OF A TASK AND EXPENSIVE ).If you think you can just get 1 spray can and paint a scratch your going to make a mess. On the other hand if you are a craftsman and up for the challenge we do recommend people buying a spray paint repair kit for our product range as we do have all the tutorials available for all types of paint jobs that will inevably help users achieve a superior DIY paint repair job.

OK if you just use touch up paint and a brush you will probably do a little bit better job. but still its going to be average and still be quite noticable.

Now if you use one of our recommended D.I.Y paint repair kits ,you will achieve a  fantastic touch up paint repair as if a proffessional did it . I know this because after testing  and using these paint repair kits in our service center for 20 years they have been perfected and now packaged for your convienience, providing you with factory paint formulas and paints. Our brush touch kits come with multi component parts with step by step instructions so you can't make a mistake. When using our brush touch kits the aim is to keep your car as original as possible and in saying this our kits are designed to reverse the impact area without touching up good paint. They are designed to reverse the damage layer by layer in just a few steps. we have sold thousands of these kits and never had a displeased customers. It is so easy that my 13 year old daughter frequently helps with brush touches in our repair facility, still achieving a proffessional touch up repair . you dont need to be a genius as long as you can read the instructions.
How mutch do our kits cost .?
The kits start at $17.60 for the most basic of kits and go to $134.95 for brush touch proffessional. A great all rounder brush touch paint repair kit is code (btkw 37) cost $134.95 which is listed at our web site   Click this link to see Pre-Packed Touch Up Paint Bottle Kits.

 I encourage people to add value and save dollars to your car by touching up your paint work using our D.I.Y Brush Touch Paint Repair Kits.
Thanks for taking the time to read our post and have a great week knowing that there is another way for you to make a real saving.

Posted by the head technician at touchup, 25 years experience.

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