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save yourself $$$ and add value to your car by touching up the paintwork

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          Information On Different Types Of Touch Up Paint Repairs

There are a few common ways to fix paint scratched and stone chipped panels on a vehicle 

You may use the technique where it is a fully invisible paint repair that cost quite a bit more than the second option which is to camouflage damaged paint.

More information coming soon on touch up paint processes.

This is a senario cases only .

There are a few different types of touch up paint methods available and here today i will be speaking about those. You need to consider a few things when deciding what to do and how to go about getting it repaired and how much the cost will be.

 So firstly I suggest you determine  the age of the car, The kilometers, and the over all condition should be a deciding factor of the type of paint scratch method should be used.

For example: If you are going to keep your car and didnt have any intention of selling it and you just bought it or for any other reason we would suggest using one of our paint scratch repair kits for the reason that if you have scratches (like the ones on our home page) they can be easily camouflaged hiding all unsightly marks, scratches, stone chips and other blemishes on just about any painted surface. The paint scratch kit we recommend is btkw37 the total paint maintenance scratch repair kit. Some of the reasons for choosing this paint scratch kit  and the technique of brush touch kits is that we have seen many a time customers that have come back only just after two weeks after having us spray a bumper bar of a mercedes-benz. What had happened is the owner of the mercedes-benz had a narrow drive way and although being very carefull accidently bumper her bumper on the concrete pilon, So she found us on the internet, contacted us, Booked it in and we repaired it. Two weeks later she came back and was very upset that she had hit it again. I then advised her that the best thing to do with the scratch was to brush touch it using our paint scratch kit  btkw37 as we could do it for her or she could do it here self and unsightly marks could be touched up quite easily at any time there was paint scratches. So she decided to buy the paint scratch kit and use our service centre to do the first time use camouflaging the paint scratch. She was very happy with the out come. Watch the video. We recommend spraying a small paint scratch using a spraypainting method for a full camouflage  in the case where your car looks really bad and a camouflage kit will not surfice your requirments or you should look at a furthur application to hide your paint scratches.

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Aerosol Spray Paint DIY

Using aerosol spray paint DIY.  Should you require to spray paint paint scratches there is a method that you should use to get a satisfactory paint repair.

you cannot just buy a single can of paint and start spraying there is a technique. The layers of spray paint repairs are the same as the layers used in the paint scratch brush touch kits (scroll half way down the page to see the paint layers make up). Basically you need to replicate what was there before the paint scratches, So quick example: metal panel painted with metallic paint will need the following items, metal primer, paint color and top coat clear. You will also need Prep-it, Masking paper and tape, Tac rag, Cuting compound, Sand papers various grades and a machine and pad fit for the acrylic paints. Car Color for the DIY aerosol spray paint usually comes in acrylic nitrocellulose paint which is not resitant to solvents. Most vehicles built today are painted in either water bourne paints, Solvent based acrylic urethane. So tying to get a factory finish using these types of peoducts packed in aerosol can only get a sub standard scratch repair

Touch Up Painting Service

Have our qualified trades peronel touch up all your car scratches, stone chips and blemishes proffessionally at a fraction of the cost of a panel beater. We can usually fix most bumper bar paint scratches for less than the excess on an insurance policy.

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