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save yourself $$$ and add value to your car by touching up the paintwork

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Aerosol Spray Touch Up Paint Cans

 Automotive Touch Up Paint Aerosol Cans - courier service now available - Sydney

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We stock all Automotive touch up paint factory oem colors in aerosol spray paint cans. Color, primer, plastic primer, clear gloss, Matt Satin Finish Black, spray putty, sand papers and a whole lot more. We have qualified technicians that can give you expert advise on how to aerosol spray paint cars and any other items you may want to touch up. We can put any custom made color or factory paint color in a spray aerosol paint can while you wait. We also custom color match paint on the spot (conditions apply). Our spray cans are 300 gram and we pack oem factory paint formulas into them using an oem factory car paint supplier. Our Color spray paint start at $38.00 

Simply ask our expert painters on what aerosol spray paint kit is best suited for your paint scratches.

We are currently upgrading our online store and a whole new range of aerosol spray paint kits are coming soon so you will be able to purchase these spray kits online. Please keep in mind we cannot post aerosol spray paint, We do use a courier to some locations.  

Before you start spraying please see our other touch up paint scratch products specially designed to help our customers do a great job when doing a paint scratch repair. 

Many a time to often we see people turn a simple paint scratch into a great big ugly patch that looks worse. The idea is to try and keep your vehicle and other painted items in their original condition as possible. To see our other great paint scratch products click here


 Information About Automotive Touch Up Paint  Color  Aerosol Spray  Paint 

About This Touch Up Color Paint Scratch Repair Custom filled Aerosol Spray Paint 

Paint color touch up aerosol spray paint is custom filled with solid, metallic & pearl colour paint. We carry factory oem formulas, colors and paints so my paint color should be an exact match. It is important always to select the right aerosol spray paint cans when doing my paint scratch repairs. Using the paint layers information below i should be able to work out what aerosol spray paint cans i need to do a good quality paint scratch repair. We recommend you see our video section to be able to establish how i apply my color, primer and other aerosol spray paints on painted scratched car panels and other surfaces. 


 Learn How Paint Layers Are Stacked On A Painted Panel Of A Car

Please See How I Can Relay The Paint Layers On Standard Painted Panels On Vehicles

Your cars paint is made of many layers and when performing a color touch paint scratch up repair you should fix each layer with the paint material it was layered in from the factory to get a good paint scratch repair.

Metallic Paint  Metal Panel - you will need - Metal Primer - Base Coat Color - Top Coat Clear

Metallic Paint Plastic Panel - you will need - Plastic Primer - Base Coat Color - Top Coat Clear

Satin Pearl Tri Coat Metal Panel - you will need - Metal Primer - 1st stage Base Coat - 2nd stage Base Coat Color - Top Coat Clear

Satin Pearl Tri Coat Plastic Panel - you will need - Plastic Primer - 1st stage Base Coat - 2nd stage Base Coat Color - Top Coat Clear

Solid Paint Color Metal Panel - you will need - Metal Primer - Top Coat Color

Solid Paint Color Plastic Panel - You will need - Plastic Primer - Top Coat Color

Solid Paint Metal Panel With (COB) Clear Over Solid Paint Color - You will need - Metal Primer - Base Coat Color - Top Coat Clear

Solid Paint Plastic Panel With (COB) Clear Over Solid Paint Color - You will need - Plastic Primer - Base Coat Color - Top Coat Clear

 Learn How To Use Aerosol Spray Paint  Repairing Paint Scratches 

How I Should Use My Spray Paint Aerosol Color Can

Procedure: Shake colour contents well. Remove cap and test spray can by spraying on a test panel first. make sure the color is correct and apply spray aerosol paint near the area that needs color. apply one two three coats just over the patch your are fixing. Each coat should extend over the first coat by and inch. on the last coat you will need to blend the color by flicking the color out as you layer it. flick the color out ward of the repair flicking it no longer than a 3 or 4 inches from the patch your spraying. Use Blender aerosol spray paint to complete the blend by spraying the touch up paint blender just over the area that was flicked and blended . This will flatten any dry spray and even out the blended paint color. On a solid paint color you will need only need the paint color and the blender. For metallic colors you will need to purchase gloss acrylic clear to put over the patch and the blend. Apply 3 to 4 coats. Allow to dry at least overnight . Cut with 1200 wet and dry sand paper using soap and water . Polish with G3 cutting compound polish.


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