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save yourself $$$ and add value to your car by touching up the paintwork

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Cost Of Car Paint Australia And Other Infomation About Touch Up Car Paint


How To Use This Site And Other use full Information About Automotive Touch Up Paint

To Be Able To Make A purchase, You Must Select A Paint Scratch Repair Kit First , Then Purchase the kit,  Then Enter Your Paint Color Code, shipping details ,Personal details, and payment options. If You Dont Know Your Paint Color Simply Call The Nearest New Parts Dealer Ship And Ask For The Parts Division, Once There You Will Be Asked For Your Vehicles VIN number,Then They Will Be Able To Give You The Paint Code Color Number For Your Car , The VIN Is  Written On Your Registration Paper Or Label On Your Windsceen, After Obtaining Your Color Code Then Select paint Scratch Repair Kit First , Buy The Kit And Follow The Prompts.

There are a few of ways on how to use this car paint Web Site.

 Do Not Go To the SAMPLE CODES in the menu first as you will not be able to retrieve your color code from there nor be able to buy a paint scratch kit because those sample codes are just there to give you an indication of color codes and what they look like and are. 

Shortly after you read on from here go straight to the Quick find kit descriptions in the item buton touchup products  and read about what different car paint repair scratch kits do then before leaving this page, below look at the way the Car paint is stacked  or layered, this way you should be able to work out a car paint scratch repair kit that suits an individual type of scratch or multiple paint defects , the more products in your car paint kit the better you will be able to repair  auto paint scratches , car paint stone chips and blemishes . we recommend you be fair to your self and invest wisely into an auto touch up car paint repair kit Btkw 37 the total paint maintenace repair kit. dont make the mistake of thinking you can fix all paint layers with one item like just color , because if you do that, expect some of the following 1) rust appearing ,2) minor scratches turned into a shocking finish that actually looks worse than the scratch before repaired. It is essential to understand that there are two different types of paint finishes 1) metallic paint ( looks like glitter in the sun ).   2) solid paint (looks like no glitter) . See diagram below. according to this diagram you should be able to determine a paint repair kit relative to the paint damage you have .

first easy way is to on home page there are a set of photographs at the bottom, simply select a photo that looks like your paint damage and as soon as you click on it you will be directed to the kit that fixes that specific damage. The other pictures of paint scratch repair bottle kits and paint scratch repair pen kits  on the home page are some of the more popular scratched paint kits , if you hold your cusor over an item it will enlarge for a better view of the item for sale, should you wish to purchase it just click on the picture and you will be taken to that kit. At this time you should have a good read of the contents on the right of the picture and item description on what the kit repairs, then below a summarry of what each product is used for.

The second way is to go to the item menu button on the home page and select touch up product then in the drop down menu there is a selection of items names, you should select the menu item you are looking for for example : touch up paint bottle kits . once a selection has been made eg: touch up paoint bottle kits, on that page are a list of paint scratch repair kits that are pre packed for your convienience, it is a better chioce when selecting a pre packed kit as the tool caddy and all other accessories are free whe purchased, now thats a great saving of over $15.00. All products pages are similar in the way you view read and buy items. so on the Pre-Packed Paint Scratch Bottle Kits , hold your cusor over the item to see an enlarged picture, then click on it to see the information about the kit , if you want to buy it simple hit the but button in the contents area of the page, once you click the buy button you will go to the information about you , the car and payment details , simply follow the prompts , we are covered by eway secure payments and all is encrypted for your safety.

You May choose to look at the most popular paint kits they are the fstest selling kits because of the common types of damage.

After reading the faq section and reading about the layers and other information listed here and below you should be able to select a paint repair kit according to your paint damage.

 Please look at the way certain painted panels on a vehicle are laqyered in the scripts below., now looking at your damage you should be able to work out what paint products you may need . there are only a few other items which you may require as well as your paint products . i.e:if you see bare metal that has rust on it because of paint damage being stone chip or scratch you are going to need a kit that has the rusted  stop rust  item. if you see minor "impact residue"  then (what ever hit your car left its paint on it )your going to need usally solvent if it is a nitrocellulose residue. if the residue is arcrylic urethane then blemish remove or quick cut polish will be required. top coat polish may also be applied after the repair .

layers of refinished paint work to replicate paint  on a standard vehicle with factory paint are as follows:

Metallic Paint Metal Panel

1) Metal Primer

2) Base Coat Color

3) Top Coat Clear 

Metallic Paint Plastic Panel

1) Plastic Primer

2) Base Coat Color

3) Top Coat Clear

Solid Paint Color Metal Panel

1) Metal Primer

2) Top Coat Color

Solid Paint Color Plastic Panel

1) Plastic Primer

2) Top Coat Color

You may also read the quick find kit desriptions  in the menu item of

Which Automotive Touch Up Paint Repair Kit For Cars that Have Paint Scratch Or Stone chips Should I Buy

Kit Code # Btkw 37

This car paint repair kit  is by far our tradesmans best with everything you need to keep your vehicles and other painted items in great condition. We recommend this kit as it camouflages paint scratch and other paint defects reasonbly well and at an affordable cost to you saving you money and time. we recommend this paint repair kit as it is a fantastic item because of the fact that if you scratch or chip your paint work or some one else does it , you can easily pull your brush touch kit out and camouflage it quickly and efficiently.
There are many different auto paint scratch repair kits available and because there are so many different types of paint damages we have pre assembled the paint scratch repair kits. for you. All the paint scrtach repair kits that are available do inparticular types of damages but one kit wont do all types of paint defects except for Btkw 37 (cost of this car paint repair kit is $134.95) the total paint maintenace repair kit that does it all Scratches, stone chips and paint blemishes Making them quite unoticable and very well camouflaged and even in some cases completely hide or remove paint problems and paint defects. to get the best results we recommend you re layer the paint exactly as the paint manufacturer layed it  so as to get great results in touch up paint repairs. Please take a look at out youtube video of Btkw 37  in use. This car paint scratch repair kit is the best you can buy for example you may have two or three cars in a family and Btkw 37 brush touch paint scratch repair kit will do all three cars, you need only change each cars color at a cost of $28.60. Our paint repair scratch and stone chip  kits are usable on any painted surface , washing machines fridges, really any thing that is painted, you need only purchase additional colors the other items although automotive can be used on any previously painted item. Another great item that people tend to buy when purchaseing Btkw 37 paint scratch repair kit is and empty paint pen , its a bit like a paper corection pen , the empty pen comes in very handy as it is a pen applicator and is fantastic for stone chips  and clean cut paint scratches. these paint pens come empty and most people just pour some of the psint from the paint kit they buy into the empty pen , that way they have both applicators; the cost of This Empty paint pen is $4.95

Cost Of Our Car Paint And Paint scratch kits And Paint Pen Prices In sydney Australia

Basically your paint work on your vehicle is sprayed in layers  and when a scratch or stone chip happens , brush touch kits and products reduce to visual of the impacts in a lot of cases some of the damage completely unoticable by replacing each layer individually. We recommend you choose a kits according to what layers are damaged. eg: if you bare plastic on a bumper bare , you can assume your going to need plastic primer, color and clear. The best kit to buy is the total car paint maintenance scratch repair kit Btkw 37
Touchup Paint Repair Kits And Products.  D.I.Y.
All paint colors are mixed in Sydney Australia from factory paints and formulations and you should receive an exact match for you vehicle.
If you don’t know your color code don’t worry, you can either call your nearest new parts supplier for your car and ask them for your color code after giving them your vin number , they will tell you what your color code is, or just fill the VIN section in the order form and our technicians will obtain it for you.
Don’t see your color code in the list on our website , don’t worry we couldn’t list every color ever made but we do have every color in stock and they are just sample color codes to give you an idea of color codes, when ariving to our site go to faq section and study the contents then just select a paint repair kit and follow the prompts , you will be asked for all vehicle details and just insert your color code in the paint code field or insert your VIN number in the field and our technicians will obtain your color code for you.
You can order your touch up paint repair kit online and have it posted to you or in the order form there is a button that allows an in store pick up you can pick up seven days a week in the hours between 10 am till 4 pm, if you’re picking up on the week end, the paint kit will be left next door with our partners who are open all week end.
All colors are in stock and mixed fresh for you.
The best advice when purchasing a paint repair kit is to go directly to our FAQ section on our web site and read about what each product does ,that way you will be able to determine what is the best kit for your  touch up repair.
Spray cans available in all colors but cannot be posted, in store collection only for spray cans. Spray cans start at $38.00 for 300 gram custom pack with Dupont color
All touch up paint Scratch bottles are 15ml of factory color and formulations.
Just the car paint color will cost $28.60. Pre Packed Touch Up Paint Bottle Repair Kits click on this link to see the kits section.
All touch up Paint Scratch pens are 15 ml of factory color and formulations.
Just the paint color will Cost $28.60 Touch Up Paint Pens For Cars click on this link to go to touch up pens.
It really depends on what you are trying to touch up as to what kit you should use, if you want a good kit that is a total paint maintenance kit then you should look at BTKW 37. The cost of this car paint repair kit is $134.95 , then going down  in sizes are BTKW 26. The cost of this car paint repair kit is $112.95 ,
BTKW 15 The cost of this car paint repair kit is $75.55 , BTKW 4. The cost of this car paint repair kit is $50.60.

The more products you have the better the touch up repairs will be

All the paint products are universal in our car touch up paint scratch repair kits and can be used on any painted surface of any car, furniture and so on;   you need only change the  Paint color.
Post cost between $10 and $14.
From the team at
Home - D.I.Y Car Touch Up Paint Repair Kits please click on this link to go to our home page at our web site.



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