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save yourself $$$ and add value to your car by touching up the paintwork

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Paint Pen Instructions 


             Paint pen Instructional user manual for removing paint scratches, stone chips & paint blemishes 

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solid & metallic PAINT PEN REPAIR KITS use of contents & procedure

* Save yourself $$$and add VALUE to your carby touching up the paintwork

* D.I.Y STEPS:Preparation & Recommendation: *For stone chips go to item No 7 (colour) if bare metal is showing use item No 4 first (primer)

* We recommend that before you start your touchup that you

1. Wash your car thoroughly.

2. Every time you start the steps (listed below), you start from the roof and work your way down then right around the vehicle.This method allows you to cover every panel so that you don’t miss any scratches, chips and blemishes.

3. Once you have finished camouflaging all scratches, chips and blemishes, it’s time for paint protection. Simply apply AutomotiveTouchup Paint ‘Top Coat Polish’. Use “Prep-it” to clean individual repair areas from grease and dirt. ** All paints wash up clean with solvent **


Paint Pen Instructions

 How  To Remove Paint Scratches With Our Easy To Use Step Instructions

Easy to use step by step instructions for using paint pens

Paint Solvent / Paint Thinner 

1. Solvent CAUTION: SUITABLE FOR 2K POLY & ACRYLIC URETHANE ENAMELS ONLY. ALWAYS TEST IN AN INCONSPICUOUS SPOT FIRST.Solvent is used to remove impact residue left over on paint after a collision.Procedure: Apply a generous amount to corner of work cloth. Massage discoloured paint residue left behind on the damaged area by impactof a foreign object. Solvent should be massaged for approximately 1 minute.NOTE: IF THE RESIDUE DOES NOT COME OFF THEN GO TO STEP 2.

Blemish remover / Cutting Compound Polish

2. Cutting Compound Polish Blemish Remover is used to polish out light scratches and minor residue in solid and metallic paint finishes.Procedure: Apply a small amount of blemish remover to the polish cloth. Massage the scratch and surrounding area removing minorresidue and fine scratches caused by impact of a foreign object. Polish until a high gloss is reached on and around damaged paint.NOTE: BLEMISH REMOVER WILL NOT BE REQUIRED FOR CLEAN CUT SCRATCHES AND IF THE IMPACT RESIDUE WILL NOT COME OFF,USE COLOUR TOUCHUP TO COVER THE IMPACT RESIDUE.

Kill Rust / Stop Rust Paint Pen 

3. Kill Rust paint pen is used to treat and stop the progression of rust.Procedure: Shake rusted contents well. Remove cap. Apply rusted only to the rusted areas. Allow 4 hrs to dry before colour.NOTE: REMOVE SCALEY RUST BEFORE APPLYING RUSTED BRUSHTOUCH. DO NOT APPLY RUSTED TO GOOD PAINT.

Metal Primer Paint Pen 

4. Metal Primer paint pen is used to protect and promote adhesion to bare metal on vehicles where a foreign object, on impact, has removed factory paints.Procedure: Shake primer contents well, remove cap. Apply on only the damaged area where bare metal is showing.Apply one to two coats. Allow 3 minutes drying time in between coats.NOTE: PRIMER MUST BE APPLIED OVER RUSTED PRODUCT SO THE COLOR WILL STICK TO THE RUSTED PRODUCT.

Plastic Primer Paint Pen

5. Plastic Primer paint pen is used as a primer to promote adhesion to plastic surfaces on vehicles where a foreign object, on impact, has removed factory paints.Procedure: Shake plastic contents well, remove cap. Apply primer only on the damaged area where plasticis showing. Apply one coat only. Allow 3 minutes drying time in between other paint coats. Do not use on metal surfaces.

Clear Gloss Paint Pen

6. Clear Gloss paint pen is used to camouflage minor clear scratches that blemish remover did not remove from the damaged factorypainted clear coat. Clear can be used on solid colors if scratches are light and not down to the primer.Procedure: Shake clear contents well before use. Remove cap. Apply one coat over minor clear scratches. Do notapply clear to good paint.NOTE: NO NEED TO APPLY CLEAR TO DISTINCTLY DEEP DISCOLOURED SCRATCHES. ALLOW 3 MINUTES IN BETWEEN COATS.

Color Paint Pen

7. Color solid, metallic & pearl paint pen is used to cover deep discoloured scratches and paint defects caused by impact of a object.Procedure: Shake colour contents well. Remove cap, Check the colour is correct. Apply colour only to the discolouredareas of damaged paint. allow 3 minutes drying time in between coats. If you have impact residue that did not come off in earlier steps, applytwo coats of colour directly on only the discoloured area. For 2 layer pearl coats, solid color goes on first then metallic or pearl color on top.

Accessories For Paint Application

Accessories* Work Cloth: (used for cleaning.) *Polishing Cloth. *Medium Size Brush *Timber rod: (can be used for filling in small stone chips and fine scratches)

*Use the following steps in order to repair scratches, stone chips & blemishes, according to the kit you have purchased.*

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