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save yourself $$$ and add value to your car by touching up the paintwork

Learn how to fix car paint chipshere. Go directly to the "how to use this site"  there is a paint repair video there that show the recommended paint scratch kit everybody should have and a video tutorial. Below that quick launch toolbar buttons . Below that use full information about paint layers and a whole lot of other information. 

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   Paint Chip & Stone Chip Repairs

Learn How To Fix Paint Chips On My Car With A Paint pen - Brush Cap Bottle Or Aerosol Spray Paint

Okay, so you head on over to the body shop to get an estimate for repairing the Paint Stone Chip Damage. The estimate is for $429.62 to repair the paint chips. And to add insult to injury, he says he can't guarantee an exact paint match for your white pearlescent paint. (Blending In Required Additional Costs Apply)

Sad to say, but it is very difficult for anyone to exact match many modern paint finishes, if you do an entire body panel usually Blending Of A second panel is required for color correctness. If the chip is small but goes through the clear coat and deep into the paint, the best thing may be a simple touchup. The supplied color is an exact match for your car but because the application of the paint will be brushed on the metallic lies in a different position changing the angle of the color , peal coats especially may appear a little different when brushed on , but no one might notice it unless you point it out. I know you will still know it's there but chances are you will be the only one who knows.

This is the best technique for small chips or scratches, like near the edges of trunk and door openings. If it is about 70 degrees or less outside, you should do this in a heated garage.

The dealer’s parts department will have the color code for your car, simply give them the VIN number and they should be able to give you the color code. Then get some clear coat, Metal primer and even stop Rust and a blemish remover. (Available from  If the chip goes down to the metal. Make sure you use automotive products, e.g. :( primer) not the spray primer you get at the hardware store or home center. If you follow these directions carefully when you buy any of our Brush Touch Kits, and have some patience, you will get a quality repair that will last for years.

The first thing to do is to mask off the area around the chip with masking tape up to a ¼" around the chip. Now using Automotive Touchup Paint Blemish Remover (fine grade two cut) Use a polishing technique to polish out dirt, wax and road grime from inside and around the chip Lustering leaving your paint chip ready for Automotive Touchup Paint. Use a clean, micro fiber cloth. Do not use any type of paper towel or tissue. If the chip goes down to bare metal Make sure any rust that may have formed is cleaned out and treated as well.

Using the applicator brush or a penfastic paint pen coat the bare metal with the stop rust product first, allow to dry, product turns purple once dry sealing and treating any rust. Once stop rust has dried apply primer one to two coats allowing three minutes in between. Try not to get any of the applied products on any of the good paint, just the treated bare metal. You want a smooth layer, just enough to cover the stop rust coated bare metal, with no bumps or lumps.

This is where patience and a steady hand comes in. With you brush or pen applicator applie a nice thin even layer of paint with no bumps or lumps. Don't go and try to do fill the whole chip in one layer, but do make sure you get paint in all the corners. If you get a little sloppy use a cotton swab with a little bit of paint “Solvent / Clean Up” to clean up any excess paint. Leave the applicator out for about 30 seconds if the paint is too thin. If your paint is too thick, add about six or eight drops of Automotive Touchup Paint “Solvent”.

After two coats of color simply coat with one to two coats of Automotive Touchup Paint “Clear”. After allowing your paint chip repair to cure for at least 24 hours you may choose to sand the whole paint chip repair with 1500 wet and dry sand paper on a hard block and soapy water to sand the paint chip repair more level and ready for polishing. Do not sand to much as you could quite easily sand through the good paint. For a camouflage we do not recommend sanding unless you are a competent technician, your Brush Touch should look quite good just with brush application. Get the best paint kit for you here

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