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save yourself $$$ and add value to your car by touching up the paintwork

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Yes Hello And Welcome To Touch Up Paints .

A lot of people own cars, and nearly all cars that are used regularly have some sort of paint damage,weather it be scratches ,stone chips, or blemishes. Now hear at our web site you can purchase online D.I.Y Car Touch Up Paint Repair Kits that can easily camouflage most paint defects .

A lot of people wonder will they be able to use these kits ? The answer is yes! Almost every one and any one will be able to use our Brush Touch Paint Repair Kits.  They are user friendly and have easy to follow step by step instruction. All Paint products in these kits are factory formulas and products ,so when used  camouflage paint defects really well .

Did you know that nearly all car yards and dealers use brush touch  on there cars to enhance the values , when a car is brush touched, a lot of the paint defects go unnoticed. By brush touching your car you will increase the value, protect it from rust and keep it visually looking great all the time .

It is simple ,every time you have a misshap, just pull your brush touch kit out and camouflage it. How good is that ! 

Don't make the mistake and settle for some cheap second rate touchup paint that when purchased comes by itself. you cannot perform a quality touch up with just a touch up paint bottle . Because when cars are manufactured and painted the paint is put on is in a sequence of layers and a total paint build of 150 microns. Our kits help you repair each paint layer on there own one after the other as the manufacturer did. Of course the touch up repair done with a brush touch kit will not be fully invisible but it will be very well camouflaged.   

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